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Victor Osimhen to Arsenal: a good deal or another faux?

Who is Victor Osimhen?

Victor Osimhen is a 23 years old Nigeria-born striker who plays for an Italian football club, S.S.C Napoli. He was born on the 29th of December 1998 in Lagos, Nigeria. His success in football has brought so many transfer speculations about him. Starting with a local football academy in Nigeria, Osimhen as soon become a household name in Napoli as he is considered their most important striker.

Victor Osimhen joined Napoli from Lille on the 1st of September 2020 in what was the record signing for Napoli. Consequent to his huge success with Lille, he had to settle for a bid of €75.00 million. He has so far scored a total of 16 goals (28 appearances) for Napoli this season. In addition to his exploit, he has also assisted on 5 different occasions for the Italian side.

Why Arsenal is on the chase for Osimhen?

Losing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Barcelona in the January transfer window was a bitter pill to swallow. Nonetheless, the Gunners have moved on since with the likes of Pepe, Nketiah, Martinelli, and Lacazette, who has been on the bench this season more than any other Arsenal striker.

The departure of the Gunners striker has left the club without a particular point-man. Thanks to Bukayo Saka who has risen to the occasion, the Gunners would not be in contention for the top-four spot this season. The 20 years old right mid-fielder has scored more goals than the available strikers at Arsenal. As a result of this, Osimhen comes into the picture.

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How will Osimhen fit into Arsenal squad?

The Nigerian-born talisman has proven to be in the league of top strikers in the world. His agility, speed, and tenacity are what will give him the edge above other strikers at Arsenal. Additionally, the physicality of the league where he currently plays will make him easily adapt to the playing style in English Premier League. Not to make light of his personality, his ability to speak the English Language will also make the transition to life in the Emirates a much easier task.

The English Premiership is known as a fast-paced league. Osimhen’s pace will also make him a toast at the Emirates.

Will the union birth something great?

Starting with the transfer fee, Napoli may find it difficult to part ways with the goal poacher should Arsenal not bring a bid that is up to what he was initially bought.

Another factor to consider is the player’s age. Being just 23, he surely is a long term option for the Gunners. Arsenal is a long time admirer of younger players. They parade players who are very young, and Osimhen is surely going to benefit from this act.

Furthermore, Arsenal, unlike some English clubs, is not a race biased club. Till today, Africans are thriving in the club. Osimhen being a black man will have little or nothing to worry about racism.

Finally, the coach has a philosophy of using players who are ready by to play by his rules. Osimhen has never been faulted by any manager to have been rebellious both at national and club levels. He surely will be in the good book of Mikel Arteta should he continue to play well.

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What is your take?

Based on VAR247 analysis, Osimhen will surely thrive at Emirates. However, you may have different opinion about this analysis. Let us hear your take. We are surely going to be very glad to publish your comments. We will do well to respond on time.

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